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Interview mit Small Colin

Small Colin – Collaborateur auf meinem letzten Album, ihr erinnert euch an das hier – hat ein interessantes neues Album veröffentlicht. Ein halbes Album, um genau zu sein, die andere Hälfte kommt von jemandem namens Loonball. Keine Ahnung, wer das ist. Wie auch immer, ich habe mit Colin ein wenig über das Album gechattet und aus dem Gespräch wurde plötzlich eine Art Interview und dann fiel mir ein, dass ich ja ein Blog habe und, naja, hier ist das Interview.

Six Umbrellas: Congrats on your new release. Sounds great! You did not release under Creative Commons. Any specific reasons against CC or just because of the label or collaboration circumstances?

Small Colin: Thanks man. Always like to hear what people think of my music.

You are right, the label doesn’t release anything under that license. They aren’t really doing it to make money but in order to make physical copies (tapes/vinyl) they need to sell also.

SU: Ok, that’s what I thought. I have a hard time finding the right release strategy for my next album, so I was just wondering.

SC: Yeah, its hard. That’s why this time around I was happy to try something other than CC.

SU: Did you know about the physical length constraint [of the tape release] before you started producing?

SC: No, thankfully. That would have been to stressful 😀

Label asked me for 6-8 tracks to fit into that length of time. They picked out the tracks they liked then and I had to extend one track to fit the time.

SU: Ah, cool workflow. So you had material around, although you were a bit on a hiatus lately?

SC: I’ve always got material around. 😉 I like to just write music all the time and then I usually make up albums/eps from what I have. I’ve never tried writing music with an aim or goal. I don’t think it would work for me.

SU: Your sound is pretty organic. Without really knowing what that means I would say it sounds analog, even on MP3 😉 Did you use analog hardware or did you do it all in the box?

SC: Used some FX pedals to re-amp some things but mostly its in the box. I do use a lot of Waves analog plugins so it might be that as they add a lot of ‚machine noise‘ or „hum“.

SU: Thanks for that little interview!

Das Album gibt wahlweise digital oder auf Kassette (!) auf Bandcamp. Ich mag es, also schlagt zu!